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Do you need English for work or travel? Whether you want to brush up rusty English skills, or take your English to a new level to advance your career, I can help.

I’m a business and professional English specialist and I teach live interactive courses online. I charge US$75 for a 40 minute one-to-one lesson. I save my clients time and effort by targeting the specific English and skills they need to excel in their job.

One-to-one online classes are an extremely time efficient and convenient way to learn English. Times can be arranged to suit your schedule, and we can use Skype or another web conferencing platform that works best for you. The lessons are private and can be conversational, interactive and dedicated exclusively to your needs.

You may need to prepare for specific meeting, presentation, interview, conference or industry event, or you may seek a more general improvement in your overall English skills. Both the content and the length of your course can be flexible and adapted to your personal learning goals.

You will be in safe hands. I have decades of experience in teaching English to professionals and I’ve worked with people from all over Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Many of my students have been top level managers and they’ve come from diverse fields and sectors. Many have needed English to build relationships and lead a team and many have needed specific communication skills and vocabulary for their job.

Receiving the English Speaking Union First Prize from Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.

In addition to being a highly qualified teacher myself, I’ve trained other teachers for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Diploma in Teaching English for Business, the New School’s MA TESOL ESP program and I’ve conducted syllabus development work for Cambridge ESOL for Business English teacher training.

I have also written many popular professional English text books and courses for Oxford University Press and Pearson. My books and courses are used by business and technical English teachers all over the world and some have won our industry’s top prize.

My experience can translate into effective, practical and motivating lessons for you. If you need to be confident that your English won’t let you down, contact me today.

Vicki Hollett, MA ELT, RSA Dip.TEFL, BA Hons.

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  1. Hi Vicki
    I hope it’s ok to contact you this way. We know each other from a two-day Business English dept meeting at OUP in the distant past at OUP and since bumping into each other at one or two conferences.

    The reason I’m contacting you is because I’m giving a talk at a conference in BCN on the subject of writing scripts for ELT video. The talk is aimed at both teachers who want to create video with their students and also want to write/make videos for teaching. In the talk I’d like to refer to your work and possibly show an example of one of your one-minute videos.

    I’d also like your thoughts on a couple of issues is you have time:

    Having worked on ELT video my impression is that successful video writing in the future needs three types of skill: (1) of an ELT writer to target and pitch the language (2) of a TV/Film script writer with the ability to write narrative, plot, character etc and increasingly (3) of a video producer with the necessary skills to edit, direct and produce video.

    1 With regard to the second skill of the TV scriptwriter with good plotlines etc you seem better at than most ELT writers to create interesting contextualised scripts . I have a few techniques that I employ to do this such as the ‘Try three times’ approach to short sketches but I wonder if you are aware of any techniques you actually employ?? How do you generate your idea for example for the one minute video?

    2 You are one of the few people in ELT that I know of with a lot of the first two and I suspect you are producing your own for the your site. Is this true or do you use an external producer? If you are producing them, do you have any insight into how teachers/writers can develop this other skill?

    Appreciate any thoughts you may have the subject and will make sure your site receives clear referencing suring the talk. By the way, the video I’d like to show is the ‘Hadling calls’ one with Obama as it’s a nice illustration of applying all three skills and the versatility of modern video

  2. Hi John,
    Great to connect and thank you for your kind words and for showing my video. Wow, that’s great. I’ve noticed that conference will be happening – it looks great and I would have loved to come. I think the need for skill No.3 is on the rise too. I need to pop out now, but I’ll email you when I get back.

  3. I’m writing this to arrange an online class for my nephew.
    He is a Korean and born in Korea. He’s been studying English for last 6 years with using cassette tapes and using the Internet recently. However I think he hasn’t developed proper pronouncation in English since it’s hard to correct pronouncation by himself.
    I would like to enquiry you whether you could help him to improve his English pronouncation.
    He would be got some time between late July until end of August since it would be school holiday in Korea.
    I hope you could make sometime for him.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jongha Kim

  4. Thank you so much for writing, Jongha. I would be delighted to help your nephew. I will write to you privately.

  5. Excellent post with lots of good info!

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  7. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  8. Oh, sorry that happened. It’s happened to me on blogs sometimes and it’s very frustrating. Comments can take a while to show up for first time posters because I have to moderate them – so much spam. But great to see the second comment came through no problems. And so glad you like the blog!

  9. I was looking for a relevant option for business English courses and this article provides great information on the same, glad to read it.

  10. Hello Vicky!
    I’m rather new here, but wish to congratulate you on all the credit you receive for such a brilliant work with teaching online. I myself have come across your site recently and found it really helpful.
    I was gonna ask you if you ever think of coming over to Poland since this is my home country and I would love to meet you in person to have a chat. Or perhaps you have already been to Poland.
    I would appreciate your answer.
    Many thanks and hugs

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