Sep 082017

There are a couple of things that seem to cause learners problems with causative verbs.

First is the meanings. The most common ones like ‘make’, ‘have, and ‘get’ have lots of other meanings too. And then there’s ‘let’ which is also very common, but why is it causative? Causative suggests it’s about one thing causing another, doesn’t it? How is ‘let’ like that?

And then there are the confusing patterns they follow. Why do we ‘make someone do something’ but ‘force someone TO do something. Sometimes English is just plain weird!

So we’ve made a video lesson about them. There was a lot to cover so we broke it into two parts. Here’s part one which is about meanings:

And here’s part two which is about the patterns they follow:

Hope you like it. Please share it with a friend if you do!

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