Jan 032013

Ever had a student whose told you they lost a flight, train or bus? Here’s a 90 second video English lesson and worksheet to help sort the confusion out.

Miss-Lose - a very quick video English lesson

Clicking on the picture should take you to the video with a clickable transcript over at my Simple English Videos dot com site. (Be sure to get your students to check out the latest movie trailers while they’re there.) The video is also available here on my youtube channel.

And here’s a worksheet.

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  2 Responses to “Miss – Lose”

  1. What I notice is the use of miss for lack in EFL prose: “Your report misses an introduction and a conclusion.” That looks extremely weird to my native eye, and I often find it in people whose writing is otherwise completely unexceptionable. And yet lack is not a complete substitute here, because it pushes the register of the writing up a notch compared to An introduction and a conclusion are missing.

  2. Oh interesting. Yes, it’s like ‘miss’ is a euphemism for ‘your work is flawed’ here. Thanks John.

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