Aug 112012

Video is such a motivating medium for English learners and a fantastic resource for the flipped classroom. But it has limitations if we want to send students off to watch something on their own. What can they do if they can’t understand a word or phrase and we’re not around to help? And how can they find out what things mean if they don’t know where one word stops and another starts?

But that was yesterday. Today we can have:

  • clickable transcripts
  • online learners dictionaries
  • translation tools

My students’ eyes light up when they see videos that have clickable transcripts. They give them instant and precise control over how the video plays. And there’s no more frustration if they don’t understand because they can check words and phrases in a dictionary, and even translate a whole script if they need too.

And that’s what my new website is all about.

We’re starting with 24 movie trailer videos and there will be new ones every week. There are comedies, thrillers, music movies, dramas – something for everyone. So rather than ‘presentations-genre’ English such as those at the wonderful, this website provides ‘conversation-genre’ videos.  Oh, and did I say it was free? Yes, it’s totally free!

I’ve set up a different Twitter account that’ll announce new content as it goes up. So please tell your students to follow me posting for Simple English videos as @VickiVideos. That way they’ll catch the latest movie trailers. And tell them to comment on the videos at the site too. I’ll be responding.

And please let me know what you think of the new site too. All tips and advice will be gratefully received.

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  2 Responses to “Simple English Videos Dot Com goes live!”

  1. Hi Vicki,
    I’m really impressed with the site, the content’s really engaging and I’m sure learners wiill love using it. Well done!

  2. Keiran, thank you so much! I’m a big fan of your film english website – such a terrific source of inspiration for English teachers!

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