Jul 042013

Tyson Seburn reminded me of Barnga today – a terrific game for exploring cross cultural issues. Check out Tyson’s post and if you haven’t already bought a copy of the Barnga rules (and some packs of playing cards) for your classes, you won’t regret it.

And it also reminded me that the creator of the game has a terrific website with lots of  free management and training games – a very inspiring place for business English teachers to explore. His name is Thiagi and if you ever get the chance to attend one his talks – jump at it. In fact the very first date my husband took me on was a Thiagi talk, and I married him. (My husband that is, not Thiagi.)


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  2. I use a quotation from him as one of my email signatures: “In my last lifetime, I believed in reincarnation; in this lifetime, I don’t.”

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