May 032011

It’s not often that we have a good excuse to enjoy a song in a business English class. But if you’re discussing customer service with your intermediate (or above) class, Dave Carroll has provided a great opportunity. Here’s the song:

Click here for a worksheet I’ve written that you can use with the video in a lesson: Customer service and social media.

Oh and the lyrics for the first verse (which they’ll need for the gapfill exercise) are here: United Breaks Guitars. Please let me know if you find it useful and if you see things I can improve.

PS. I’m travelling and I’m not sure what my internet connection will be like as I go, so I may be a little quiet for a while. (I’m looking forward to meetings teachers in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and London.)

PPS. I’m flying with British Airways.

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  1. I LOVE that song. Makes me happy – it’s up there with “If I had a million dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies as a classic teaching song. Found it last year and saved it to create a lesson with later. Will definitely have a look at your lesson and will let you know how it goes if I get to use it.

    Great idea! 🙂

  2. Delighted you like it Anna. Thanks for telling me.

  3. Many thanks Anna. I hadn’t thought of using Barenaked ladies “If I had a million dollars” for teaching and I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

    I wonder if there are any other songs that folks like for teaching. Please mention them here because (depending on their licenses) maybe I could make some mash ups with them. Youtube has just made it easier to produce legal mashups of songs that have been published with a cc license.

  4. Hello Vicki, thank you so much for the worksheet along with the video. It was really a success in my class.
    Best wishes. Gaby

  5. Oh I’m so glad and thank you so much for stopping by to tell me, Gaby.
    In case anyone hasn’t discovered it, the lesson worksheet is available here: All suggestions for improvements welcome.

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