There are lots of great English language teaching blogs and websites around. Here are some that I enjoy (or have enjoyed, because some go into a lull from time to time) 


  • #ELT chat
    Great initiative where twitter based discussions on ELT get planned and recorded
  • 26 letters
    Some terrific thoughts on ELT but seems to have been quiet for a while
  • Agata Zgarda
    Put a Polish teacher in Brazil and then enjoy the wonderful cultural musings.
  • Alex Case – TEFLtastic
    Highly entertaining but also insightful collection of stuff on TEFL
  • Andy Hockley
    ELT management blog – a ‘must have’ resource for any ELT manager
  • Anne Hodgson
    A wonderfully eclectic blog, by an American business English teacher and writer living in Germany
  • BeeOasis
    Extensive reading works – the research evidence is clear – and these folks have a stack of great garded reading materials – and lots of freebies too
  • BESIG World Blog
    A global blog for global business English teachers
  • Business English Ideas
    This blog by Charles Rei lives up to its name – it really is stacked with ideas from a very switched on business English teacher.
  • Business Spotlight blogs
    Postings from some of my favourite Business English writers over at Business Spotlight Magazine
  • Candy's stripe
    Business English teacher Candy gives us her observations, reflections and an occasional rant
  • Carl Dowse
    A terrific blog for business English teachers AND business English teacher trainers – not updated frequently, but that’s because Carl is so busy doing other great BESIG things. Keep checking back.
  • Chia Suan Chong
    Halliday’s systematic functional grammar, ELF and politeness, dogme. Wow! Chia’s site’s right up my street.
  • Classrooms on the Danube
    Thoughtful relections on teaching from classes in Budapest
  • Colin Graham
    A Calvanistic take on life
  • CristinaSkyBox
    An ESP/EAP teacher based in the Middle East.
  • Darren Elliot
    Insightful thoughts on EFL and the folks we meet our classrooms – a Five Star blog
  • Designer Lessons
    If you’re looking for inspiration for your next class, you’ve got to check this blog out. It’s got some lovely lesson ideas.
  • EFL classroom
    A ning site but a must-do for any EFL teacher to sign up to – such wonderful activities and games from David Deubel. Bravo David!
  • Evan Frendo
    Blog on ESP and conversational analysis for the workplace from Mr ‘How-to-teach-business-English’. Love it!
  • Evidence Based EFL
    It is evidence based, just as it says – and that involves challenging lots of EFL folk lore that needs challenging. One of my favourites.
  • For English teachers – Angoltanaroknak
    The wonderful Erika Osvath in Hungary shares teaching ideas and lessons
  • Free-Range ELT
    Another Philly based blogger who has lots of ESL/EFL stories to share.
  • Global English for Business
    Such a fun blog. I’d like to meet Matt Halsdorff!
  • Holly Suel – Now and Online
    Holly Suel is a terrific online teacher back from Finland in the US – but she doesn’t post very often.
  • Jane and Dave Willis
    Interested in task based learning? Jane and Dave are experts in the field.
  • Janet's Abruzzo edublog
    Janet collects from a wide range of sources – nice surprises
  • Jason Renshaw – English Raven
    Insightful thinking on teaching and learning (and often on Japan)
  • Jeremy Day
    Terrific blog on ESP! Sadly Jeremy has been quiet for a while, but this site has lots of gems for ESP teachers that will hold good for a LONG time
  • Jeremy Harmer
    Jeremy on teacher training and presentations – lessons from the master
  • Joanna Ghosh
    Joanna’s hit the net full speed with a great blog for learners on academic English
  • Karenne Sylvester – Kalinago
    A top site for TEFL blogs, for good reason – lots of great ideas and a culture of sharing
  • Ken Wilson
    English Teaching Theatre leader (and Mister Monday writer) tells stories and shares
  • Know Howe for English
    A brit in Germany puzzles over the cultural differences he encounters, much as I do in the US
  • Lathobic Aphasia
    I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this gem. Don’t make the same mistake – head here right away!
  • Lathophobic Aphasia
    Want a chuckle? Then this is a great place to head.
  • Laura's Show and Tell Blogspot
    Lots of nice lesson ideas to be found here here!
  • Learning to speak 'merican blog
    Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics
  • Lessonstream – Jamie Keddie
    The perfect place to fins a lesson – great ideas and great interface too. Love it!
  • Lexical Leo's Lexicon
    Fast becoming one of my favourite blogs, Leo is a lexical approach fan – I think we need more of them
  • Lots more interesting blog links
  • L_Missbossy's ELT playground
    A terrific teacher in Poland shares her wisdom
  • Macmillan dictionary blog
    All kinds of gems from all kinds of writers – terrific group blog
  • Marisa Costantinides
    A teacher and teacher trainer in Greece, with lots of interesting thoughts to share
  • Mike Harrison
    Refections on teaching and lots of ideas
  • Nicholas Whitely $4MT
    great ideas and lessons too
  • Nick Jaworski – TurklishTEFL
    methodology, lesson planning and losts of sharing here + Turkey
  • One year in the life of an English teacher
    Adam delivers an eclectic treasure trove
  • Ozge Karaoglu
    This generous and committed teacher has a lot of great stuff to share
  • Peter Viney
    Go here to read lots of interesting thoughts from Mr ELT Video
  • Profesor Baker
    I’vefound all kinds of odd things here that I’ve enjoyed – and often very practical.
  • Real English®
    Videos with Complete Interactive Lessons – Grammatical/Lexical organization of fun, spontaneous dialogues. New videos and lessons every month, in 2014, as in 1994!”
  • Resident Alien
    A beautifully written blog by ESL teacher, Mary Witzl, who knows how a great story.
  • Sabrina Gerland
    A cross cultural blog about Americand and German English that’s right up my alley.
  • Sandy MacManus
    A treasure trove where you can laugh, gasp and spend far too long exploring and finding out where not to teach next summer
  • Scott Thornbury's A-Z
    Lots of lively debate on ELT issues – Scott’s a star!
  • Sean Banville – breaking news
    Great resources for keeping lessons topical
  • Separated by a common language
    Lynnequist explains lots of useful AmE and BrE differences
  • Shelly Terrell – Teacher Reboot Camp
    A great sharer, and don’t forget to follow Shelly on twitter @ShellTerrell
  • Six Things (Lindsay Clandfield)
    Lists of six things on all manner of interesting and entertaining ELT topics
  • Stewart Tunnicliff
    Writings from a business English teacher in German, with a smattering of peak district twang
  • Sue Lyon-Jones
    Light relief
  • Talk to the clouds
    An eclectic blog on ELT teaching
  • Talking Business Internationally
    Lots of good sense and ideas about business English to be found here
  • Teaching English to Engineers
    Practical – concise tried and tested links and ideas for techie students – a gem!
  • Techie English
    Another great blog from Phil Wade.
  • TED talks
    Well, obviously! What a wonderful source of inspiration to us all.
  • TEFL Ideas
    Great video ideas generously shared
    Great practical ideas and great refections too – a great site for teachers.
  • The Consultants-E
    Leaders in online training – all kinds of goodies to be discovered here from Nicky and Gavin (Check out their EdBytes video series!)
  • The Digital Counter-Revolution
    Before we go wow, tech is the solution and Sugata Mitra is cracking learning, here’s a gem of a blog that challenges us to think deeper.
  • The Eclectic English Teacher
    Tony Watt doesn’t post often, but when he does he’s always worth visiting
  • The Teacher James
    Spanking new ELT blog from a drama and music fan – and lots more stuff besides.
  • Tony Myers
    A new blog in 2011 about service design, behavioural economics, and teaching in Business English
  • Tony Watt
    Some philospohy muddled in with all kinds of interesting stuff
  • Widgets
    A terrific blog about task-based language teaching by Marcos Benevides (Marcos was in a video I made that you can see at
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