Aug 142014

SEVCollage600We’re changing direction at Simple English Videos. Since the start of this year we’ve been delightfully overloaded with video work from a variety of different clients. It’s been a very happy problem and we’re thrilled by how much interest and work our videos have generated. But it’s also forced us to take a breath and forge a new direction.
Original content
In future, the Simple English Videos website will no longer offer movie trailers. Instead we will focus on original content – videos we make ourselves.
Why? Well, we adore movie trailers and we think they are a terrific resource for natural language. But we also know that there are other great websites out there offering movie trailers. Making original English language teaching videos, where language is presented in context, requires a different set of skills. It’s become clear that that’s where we should be focussing our efforts.
Our goal
It hasn’t changed. We still aim to provide both teachers and students with a source of pedagogically sound and engaging ELT videos with clickable transcripts – free videos presenting language in context. But a new element is we’d like to produce new videos more regularly, and offer teachers more affordable support materials in our store. We know making a new video every week would be ambitious, but you never know what you can accomplish when you aim high, eh?
Two weeks website downtime
I’ve just taken the website offline so we can revamp it and create a new environment better suited to presenting original content. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope that timing the downtime for the summer vacations will cause the least disruption. We expect to be off line for two weeks and in the meantime all our original videos will continue to be accessible on our YouTube channel Teachers needing teaching materials can continue to find them at our store.
How you can help
Please drop us a line if you have ideas, requests or suggestions for the website or videos you’d like us to make, or for collaborations you’d like to suggest. We can’t thank you enough for supporting Simple English Videos. We’ll tell you when the new website is up and please follow us on facebook and twitter (@vickivideos) to get progress updates.
These are exciting times for video in ELT. Who’d have thought! Do hope you’ll continue to support us!

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