Apr 052019

Why do people learn English? Come and meet students from all over the world who are winners of this year’s SEVY awards.

Speaking in English is a challenge. You’re bound to think, ‘Am I making mistakes?’ or ‘Am I saying this right?’ Now imagine you’re not just talking to one or two people, but you’re talking to the world!

A few weeks ago we set our viewers a challenge. We asked them to record a video where they’re speaking in English and we’ve been blown away by the response.

So now we’re very proud to share their work and introduce you to some of the wonderful people who watch our channel, and to learn about why they’re learning English and their goals.

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Aug 182018
B2 First Speaking test FCE

B2 First is often known by its former name, FCE or Cambridge First Certificate.

When we ask our students what makes them most nervous about the exam, they often say the FCE speaking test so we’ve made a series of videos about it.

In this first video we provide an overview of the B2 First speaking exam, showing how it works and explaining the marking criteria.

In our later videos we’ll go through the four parts of the exam in detail, demonstrating what to do and what NOT to do and providing tips and practice activities for each part.

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Jun 162018
i before e

English spelling is tricky because sometimes words look nothing like they sound. In this video lesson we look at an English spelling rule and change it a bit so it works better.
The rule is i before e except after c and we explore how it works with fewer exceptions in words with an eee sound.
So come and join us at a spelling competition, or spelling bee as Jay calls them in American English. You’ll learn when it’s useful to apply the rule and when it isn’t. You’ll also meet our friend Clare from English at home.

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Aug 022016

Jay vs. the mouse. Find out who wins and learn how we use the word ‘afraid’ in our latest Q&A video lesson.

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Jun 132016

I’ve written about EFL and copyright before. It seems only sensible to give creators their due and avoid getting sued for stealing stuff. Crikey – who wants to steal stuff? Isn’t it just common sense?
Well yes, but actually copyright law is also pretty complex and understanding the basics can be quite a challenge.
So here’s a great video from The Consultants-E that explains the basics. A big thank you to Gavin Dudedney and Nicky Hockly for helping to make us all more digitally literate.

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