Jul 152009

If you want to know what’s happening in the English language teaching blogosphere, Karenne at Kalinago English is  a ‘must visit’  site. She is running a blog fest. Her concept is ingenious – for old hands at ELT blogging and complete newbies like me to share our experiences with our colleagues.

But argh – what to do if you’re still stumbling around in the dark, like me. The deadline approached. And then it struck me. Folks – I have had the privilege of meeting Kareene virtually. Here is my first meeting with this warm hearted and hard working communicatons professional:


Kareene, thank you for connecting people to people, and ideas to more ideas.

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  1. There is something you said in your talk with Kareene that rang a bell.
    You said “i go in and teach good lessons and bad lessons…”
    As a teacher i come home sometimes feeling ‘i did that well’ sometimes ‘i did that badly’ – do we ever get so experienced that it is always ‘i did that well’?
    If not, why not?
    Is it just human nature that sometimes we fail in our endeavours, are we ALWAYS learning from our mistakes or do we one day stop making them?
    Is the face to face chemistry sometimes just not right?
    is it that we can prepare the lesson but the person?

  2. Fantastic! This is such a great addition to the carnival, thanks so much for slipping in on deadline! I’ll post up all the entries at the end of month/early August and will email to let you know…

    BTW, if I might also answer Chris –

    Yup. The very worst thing in the world would be to achieve everyday teaching perfection – what on earth would we do then?

    Striving to always be better, working on finding new approaches, discovering new ways to teach brand new students who have new ways of learnoing is what makes both teaching and life so exciting!


  3. It was more a case of eliminating the bad that my questions were aimed at, i agree with you on the perfection side.
    Can we do that, or are we doomed to fail?

  4. Blogging is indeed very public, and I’ve been thinking about the same questions, Karenne and Vicki.
    So about those business course blogs: The way I see it a blogwriter can take one of two approaches:

    1. The blogger publishes under another name and makes up fictitious names for everything, from the company to the “guilty parties”, but keeps the content real. This takes blog writing into the marvelous arena of simulation and is very process- and learning-oriented. But it is quite a risk. What if the wrong people decipher the code?

    2. The blogger outs him- or herself by name and position to the editor, at least, and conforms to corporate communications policies. The mere fact that an editor will be checking the product means that the focus is on the blog as a product. This could be valuable in terms of building a portfolio. However, it does cramp a blogger’s style. After all, blogging and editing inhabit different universes!

    I’m very curious how this conversation will continue 🙂


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