Apr 022019
english love vocabulary

Is it possible to fall in love in just one conversation? Maybe if you ask and answer the right questions.
In this video English lesson we ask and answer 11 English questions that can lead to love and explore some words of love and romance along the way.

You’ll learn English vocabulary for talking about love and relationships including:
– words for describing relationships:
compatible, close, treasured
– things lovers might do as they get closer such as:
to impress, to be compatible, to get along, to be trying to hard, to share, to reveal
– euphemisms for death and distress:
to lose someone, disturbing
– adjectives for describing physical appearance:
good-looking, beautiful, pretty, handsome, hot, fit
– adjectives for describing personal qualities:
loyal, sensitive

This lesson was inspired by some real psychological research into 36 questions that can make strangers connect, get close fast and even fall in love.

Here’s a link to the Arthur Aron et al study and a great article about it from the New York Times.

If you want to try out the 36 questions with a partner, here’s a website that makes it easy to go through the questions.

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