Aug 172010

Well, of course you haven’t, but in case some turns up, here’s a great way to spend it.

It’s is a video of a management training workshop by Marshall Goldsmith. He demonstrates an activity for developing skills in giving (and receiving) feedback – useful skills for work and for life in general. It lasts a little over an hour, but seems  well worth the time investment if you can then integrate the activities into your classes. Plus, he’s pretty entertaining.

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  2. well it seems that no one has had time to leave a comment anyhow.
    I haven’t had time to watch this yet and clearly the 30 minutes (plus how ever long it takes to load in my out of the way place where my internet connection is) is an invite to – ok i’ll d that later.
    Meanwhile i did go into my favourite shop in Toulouse and found a five minute hourglass (should that be minute glass) and on the back of the packet it says…
    “Time is very precious, make the most of it. seize the moment, make it count, a time bubble of your own, beauty, a thought, a kiss, a smile. your break becomes a pearl, measured by the hourglass.”

  3. Time is indeed precious I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share that one. Thanks Chris!

  4. Thanks for the video link, Vicki. I’d been thinking of cobbling together something like this for myself and this has saved me a lot of that precious time.

  5. The first thing that struck me in this post is the use of “haven’t” after the question “got”. An American would never say that! it seems we’re stuck on the aux “do” to question/negate all but “to be”. That being said, rock on Vicki. Really enjoy your blog! Thanks.

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