Jun 052014

Want to make videos that your students can watch for homework? Join me for an hour-long  online video-making class and get ideas on how to do it.

I’m going to be running a class for teachers in two MOOCs (free classes – wehey!) and I’ll be passing on tips gained from working with professionals on big budget video productions for Oxford University Press and small scale ESL videos that we’ve been making for our YouTube channel and Simple English Videos website.

We’ll be addressing some of the technical challenges teachers face as they move away from simple whiteboard shots and shoot in other locations. So if you’d like tips on script writing, cameras and camera work, lighting, audio, video editing and building an audience, come along and join us.

Click the images below to subscribe to the MOOCs. And why not join them both because there are lots of excellent teachers giving some cool sessions you’ll want to check out.

Teachers Teaching Online


Moodle MOOC 4: Make Your Circumstances | WizIQ Live Online Classroom | Scoop.it

Moodle MOOC 4




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  2. Very interesting

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