Jun 202011

I thought I’d interview another video enthusiast today. Do you remember ‘A Weekend Away’ and ‘A Week by the Sea’? They were very popular ELT videos written by Peter and Karen Viney (along with lots of other good ones like ‘Mystery Tour’ and the ‘Grapevine’ videos).
Well, they went out of print and Peter and Karen have licensed them back from Oxford University Press and published them themselves. I thought I’d talk to Peter to find out more. Our conversation wound up being rather like an ad for the videos. No, Peter did not pay me to make this. Ha! His videos just sound like a good deal to me.
And it raises the question of whether we can expect more teaching materials to come down in price in this rapidly changing ELT marketplace – especially if they are delivered electronically. Do any of your students have a digital course book for learning English yet? And would you like them to?

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  1. […] So what was the process and how much did it cost? I thought I’d find out more about it: There’s a slideshow here with further information on the book’s production. And if you liked the interview, you might also be interested in Peter Viney’s self published videos. […]

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