Jan 162013

With the press full of movie award ceremonies, it’s a great time to be encouraging students to watch English movies.

You might want to begin with four movies that won Golden Globe awards this week. Can your students guess which category they won? What have they heard about them and have they seen them? Here are links to the trailers with clickable transcripts.

(See here for links to versions that will play well on mobile devices.)

All four of those movies are up for Oscars too, along with lots of other movies such as:

Class activities:

Teachers can allocate different movie trailers to watch to different pairs or groups of students and then have them report back to the class.

In smaller classes, students could pick two or three to watch together and discuss.

Or it could be a homework task. Everyone chooses a movie to watch at home and then reports back on whether or not it should win an award.


Here is a .pdf worksheet with url links for all the videos: OscarTime2013

You can find all the movies that are up for Oscar awards and in what categories here: http://oscar.go.com/nominees.

Happy watching and may the best movies win!


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