Mar 202013

Probably the best place to view these videos is over at SimpleEnglishVideosDotCom where they are available with a clickable transcript. Click here for all the language videos and here for the movie trailers. Otherwise they are available on my youtube channel (why not subscribe today!)

Or you can simple click below. Hope you like them!






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  2 Responses to “More One Minute Video English Lessons”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Just pondering… why do you not make SimpleEnglishVideosDotCom clickable and the others, yes? Curios as to the reasoning behind it… 🙂

  2. Hi Chiew,
    Yes, the videos over at are clickable and the ones on this site aren’t. We’re using two different technologies.
    On this site I’m embedding videos from my youtube channel, but at we’re accessing videos we’ve uploaded to amazon aws. The software we’re using to make the clickable transcripts is some opensource html5 code. It involves encoding three different versions of each video – .mp4, flash and .ogv, but it’s neat stuff because, (theoretically!) it should be playable on just about any platform in any country.
    It’s not without its headaches though. One is that to make it play nicely within the WordPress environment we have to switch off some of the WordPress javascript. That makes searching the site more difficult. Another is we’ve never found a way to post more than one video transcript with it per post without the javascript going a bit screwy. Those limitations and the extra work involved have made me reluctant to install it on this site. I’ve been reasoning that the clickable transcripts are probably more important for learners than teachers.

    But it’s funny you should ask because we’re actually looking into whether we can use different software now. Techwise things have continued to advance in the 14 months since we created the Simple English Videos site and there may be better ways to do it. If any folks out there have experince to share, we’d love to hear it.

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