Dec 132012

Here are links to four more of my ‘minute’ video English lessons along with their downloadable pdf worksheets. These videos are available with clickable transcripts at

Don’t forget to show your class the movie trailers while you’re at the Simple English Videos dot come site. ( ) It’s a fun way for them to get lots of exposure to lots of natural spoken English, and the clickable transcript and Google translate tool make them accessible for self study.

The videos are also available on my youtube channel at

Sympathetic - Nice

Sympathetic – Nice


By - Until

By – Until


Interested – Interesting


Used to do – Used to doing












Sympathetic-Nice Worksheet

Interesting-Interested Worksheet

By-Until Worksheet

Used to do – Used to doing Worksheet


Click here for more ‘minute’ video English lessons

And be sure to check out my ‘Obama Who?’ video lesson.

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