I mostly write for business and professional English learners. Some of my courses  have different editions and several levels.

I’ve also written articles for a variety of publications such as BESIG Issues and IATEFL Voices. And I enjoy contributing to other blogs and sites. Here are a few links to articles or posts that I’ve written  elsewhere.





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  1. Hi,

    Just me again! and by coincidence just realized I used and still use 90% of your books! Tech talk elementary and pre intermediate are the ones I continue using for my sts who work in technical areas and proves to be great, adapting them from people who work in maintenance to the ones that work with calibrators.
    Here in Uruguay has not arrived the intermediate level….pity.
    I use Quick Work for students who want to do a rush course and do not pursue a systematic way of learning.

    Well….so….imagine if I am or not a fun of you! and of Pearson and OUP, which I truly believe they edit the most suitable books for Business English.

    Nowadays I use Intelligent Business in all levels which are from Pearson.


  2. sorry…. ‘a fan of you’ 🙂

  3. Gosh, thank you so much, Alicia. How kind of you to write. I’m so pleased – you have made my day!

  4. Please….it’s the least I can do. Your job is fantastic, as well as what I found on your blog. Congrats indeed!

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