Apr 042014

The grammatical rules we follow when we use phrasal verbs and verbs with particles are so complicated. There’s a wonderful video of Dave Willis talking about the futility of teaching them at the 2010 IATEFL conference in Harrogate. (So not this year’s conference, but the one four years ago.) Sadly Dave has passed away since then. I’m so glad his talk was captured because it gave me a chance to see him in action again. Not only does he make perfect sense, but he was a lovely guy.

So how can we teach two and three part verbs? I recommend presenting them in context so the meanings are clear, pointing out the tricky word order patterns and then practice, practice, practice. So when I saw Jason R Levine (aka Fluency MC) performing a catchy rap for practising some, I got the camera out.

Here’s a video we made which presents ten common two part verbs in context and demonstrates how the word order works.
And here’s the second one we made where you see Jase’s rap and where students can sing along for lots of practice, practice, practice.

Hope you like them and thanks to Jase for the inspiration. As always, both videos are available with clickable transcripts at the Simple English Videos website.

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  1. I knew Fluency MC’s rap, but I didn’t know about your video. Thanks for it, it’s really helpful!

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