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In June 2009 I put out this request to friends and blog readers:

I’ve just added a research section to this blog. If you are a native English speaker with a couple of minutes to spare, could you listen to a conversation and answer a question for me?

Could you:
1. read the scenario below
2. click on the audio link below and listen to a short conversation
3. email me back – either ‘1′ or ‘2′ in answer to the question, and tell me your native variety of English eg. British, American, Canadian, Australian…

The scenario:
Jay and Valerie had a conversation about a website project. At the end of the conversation, Jay thought Valerie would probably hire his brother-in-law as a web developer. Valerie had no intention of hiring Jay’s brother-in-law, so there was a misunderstanding.

The Conversation:


The Question:
Who do you think was mostly responsible for this misunderstanding:
1. Jay (for not listening)?
2. Valerie (for not saying ‘no’ clearly enough)?
Please don’t feel you have to provide more explanation – a simple ‘1 or ‘2′ answer is all we need.

I’ll explain what I’m up to and report on the results later. Many thanks!


You might like to listen to the recording and answer the question yourself before you read the results.

Click here for the explanation and results

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