Jul 232013

A couple of weeks ago, Carl Dowse prompted me to start a Scoopit for videos suitable for technical English students. Carl has a great scoopit list for business English teachers, but there didn’t seem to be a techie English equivalent.

My techie scoopit doesn’t have many videos yet (please email me me if you have suggestions to add) and I’m not planning to publish it as a newsletter. But in case others are looking for techie class videos, here’s the link:














And as Scoopit turned out to be so easy for bookmarking, I started another one for odd videos I might want to use in class some day as well.


I must confess, I wondered whether I didn’t have better things to do with my time when I started these.
But already I’ve found there are videos that I’m sure I’d have forgotten about if I hadn’t scooped, as it were. Thanks Carl!

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