Aug 212012

What kind of business skills courses do you pitch to clients: meetings, presentations, negotiating, report writing perhaps? What about a course  in story telling?

I love it when I get to prepare students for a story telling course at the Wharton school. Not only do I get to hear some ripping business yarns but I also get to feel really useful. It gives us the opportunity to focus on discourse and develop skills they can start putting to use right away.

We’ve all encountered people who’ve had difficulties structuring stories. Perhaps some important element has been missing, or they get the length or timing wrong, or they just seem pointless. The pay off matters particularly, in  business English contexts, I think.

So story telling seems like such a valuable business skill to me.  If you need to make complex ideas comprehensible, ignite organizational change or build a sense of community, stories are great places to start. Stories can teach, inspire, motivate, convey values – all essential leadership skills.

So instead of reaching for the meetings and presentations courses, how about some story telling?





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  1. I think there might be another story telling enthusiast over at English at home. I’ve just come across this post with some basic, but very sound tips, I think.

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