Feb 092018
Super Bowl Slang GoBirds

Last Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl for the first time and the city went crazy. People have been partying all week and yesterday there was a big parade. Here’s a video we made with happy excited Eagles fans on the streets of Philadelphia as they celebrated yesterday.

It provides listening practice with natural spoken English and includes some informal colloquial expressions and slang, such as, ‘It was lit’, ‘We had a blast’, and of course, ‘Go Birds!’

It was an interesting video for us to make. We’ve found gathering vox pop interviews in the street a bit hit or miss in the past. Some days we stand there begging people to be in a video and nobody is interested and then other days it’s great and we meet some really nice people. There was one glorious summer day last year where we actually had a queue of people forming! But other days we’ve come home with just one recording or nothing. Yesterday it was easy because everybody was in such a good mood and we could have found a hundred fans willing to help us.

It was also an interesting video for us to make because we turned it around very fast. \We shot the footage at lunch time yesterday and then I had to write and record a script and get it edited over night for Jay to audio edit this morning. With more time, I think I could have written a better script, but it was good to know we could make a video that fast. And while I was editing it I was wondering whether this sort of video could make for very helpful listening practice. I’d love to know what you think because we could try to make more like this when the weather gets nicer.

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