Jun 082013

N+G2I’m sure many of you will be familiar with The Consultants-E and the irrepressible Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney. Together they run the online training and consultancy service to do with the use of technology in language teaching.

But what you might not know is I’ve been producing videos for The Consultants-E, including an ever growing set of case studies. This is a series they commissioned where teachers share their experiences of introducing technology in their classrooms. The videos are freely available on The Consultants-E’s youtube channel and they are well worth checking out of you’re embarking on any e-learning projects.

The Consultants-E are 10 years old this year and they’re celebrating in style. This month they’re giving away a free scholarship to one of their certified online courses and the winner can choose between a Cert ICT or Cert IBET, so you get an accredited qualification. I’ve spoken to lots of teachers who have taken these courses and without exception, they’ve all thought they were terrific. (It’s actually pretty easy to make promotional videos for the Consultants-E because everyone you interview raves about them!) So hurry up if you’re interested in applying for that scholarship  because the deadlines are approaching.

But there’s more…

There’s another freebie this month! They are giving away an ebook called ‘The Little Book of Blogs’. It’s a collation of blog posts by Nicky, Gavin and many other The Consultants-E trainers, that was expertly curated by Anne Fox. (Yes, that’s the same Anne Fox who co-hosts the award winning Absolutely Intercultural podcasts.) Anne has packed the book with useful free resources and expertise for teachers and I’m honoured to say that includes some of my blog! So head here to download your free copy today.

So happy birthday The Consultants-E. And before you go everyone, please click below and check out the 10th birthday video I made. How did they manage to get all that done in 10 years? See – I told you they were irrepressible.

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