Mar 132014

Journey2MarsAtama-ii-Books have just published their first multiple path story books, where kids get to choose their own adventures. These adorable illustrated books are suitable for English beginners who love a good story. (Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good story?)

And you can win one free! This weekend Simple English Videos is giving away 10 Kindle versions of ‘Journey to Mars’. Readers get to be astronauts on the first space mission to the red planet.

How to win a copy

Just visit our Facebook page and leave a comment here. You can just say ‘hi’, or if you have time, tell us what you’d like the next video we make to be about. (Some tricky vocabulary perhaps, or how to greet people in English? Or maybe you’d like to see a video where we go on an adventure to Mars?)

We’ll select ten winners at random from people who comment on our ‘Win a free Journey to Mars’ Facebook post. Winners will need either a Kindle or an Amazon account and a (free) Amazon app and then – wow! – they can ‘Journey to Mars’ on their computer or mobile device.

Bravo Marcos Benevides and the Atama-ii-Books team for the terrific new book series. And to see what kids think of them – watch this video…. I adore the little boy!

Many congratulatons to the 17 winners! (Yes, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just 10 when so many adventurous folks wanted to hop on that space ship!) Hope you all have a great trip!

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  3 Responses to “Win a free Journey to Mars – this weekend only!”

  1. Note that you can read Kindle books on line from any web browser using Amazon’s Cloud Reader.

  2. Excellent – thanks for that John!

  3. Many congratulations the seventeen winners – yes seventeen! Atama-ii Books kindly enabled us to give more prizes!

    You should have been contacted by me now if you entered and won. Let me know if not, or if you have any difficulty downloading or viewing your new book.

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