Dec 022012

Anyone for some telephone English? This 90 second video English lesson is very simple. It’s suitable for elementary or pre-intermediate general or business English English learners.  It’s available with a clickable transcript (along with lots of other video English lessons) at or directly by clicking the image below.



It is also available on youtube just here.

Click here for a downloadable classroom worksheet to go with it. I didn’t include a role play in the activities, but perhaps your students can think of celebrities they’d like to call them, what they might want to talk about and then role play the event? Enjoy!

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  5 Responses to “Obama – who? How to handle calls when you’re busy”

  1. Hi there, you never do give up, do you?

    This is cute and I’m going to use in a class tomorrow. Thanks , especially for the worksheet, it’s great!

  2. Thank Joan! If you get time, please tell me how it went.

  3. Hi Vicki,

    OK, I did it twice on Friday! In my morning session it was on a webinar – so one guy was present and the other in another location – the latter didn’t see the picture too clearly – but they both really enjoyed it.
    He e-mailed me later to say he’d watched it on youtube and found it very helpful.
    In the evening, I did it with two business women of quite a high level – and they automatically came up with a role-play, off their own bat, and thought it was very helpful and enjoyable. Both groups kept on saying ‘well, I’m a bit busy’, throughout the lesson! I’ll do it in the coming week, too.
    thanks a lot, again, Jx

  4. Thanks so much for coming back to report Joan. So glad it went well.

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