Aug 142013

Simple English Videos is one year old and we’re celebrating the event with lesson materials give-aways.

birthday-cake-one-candle-hiSo I’ve written materials to go with some of our English Video Lessons which you can find in our new store. My first indie publication!

And over the next few weeks we’re going to be giving stuff away. For example, this week you can download our ‘Alone – Lonely’ lesson materials for free by using the coupon code BIRTHDAY when you check out. It includes:

  • PowerPoints (These are the things I find most useful in class – they get students focused and enable me to use lots of pictures)
  • Students worksheets. They can be used in conjuction with the the PowerPoints if you wish – or given out for homework.
  • Teachers notes with answers.
  • Tapescript
  • An .mp4 version of the video. The videos are available free on youtube and also at the Simple English videos website, but it’s handy to have your own version of the video that you can play when you’re off line.

So the materials arrive as digital files that you can carry with you on a memory stick. I like to have them handy when I’m teaching because you never know when things will come up. It also means you never run out of materials, of course . Just play the video and run the PowerPoints – no preparation required.

The lesson materials are heavily illustrated with images from the videos. Generally they’ll ask students to recall words and phrases they heard and then move on to a short role play or discussion activity. They’re very straightforward.

But why not try one out yourself? Go to the Simple English Videos store. Add ‘Alone-Lonely’ to the shopping cart and then type in BIRTHDAY as you check out to claim your free copy. The BIRTHDAY coupon code is only valid this week, so don’t delay. Also subscribe to the weekly email update because we’ll be giving more lesson materials away and that way you can get all the coupon codes as we create them.

All the movie trailers and Video English Lessons we make are available free at the Simple English Videos site and the lessons are also available on my youtube channel. We plan to try to continue to offer them for free. We’re a two-man team (me and Jay) so we’ve been very appreciative of some of the help, support and encouragement we’ve received from users of the site this year.

If you too would like to support our efforts, here are some things you can do:

  1. Click the like button when you see videos you like. It helps Google know we’re there and just makes us feel good. Oh and comments – we love getting comments and feedback too!
  2. If you really like our videos, please share them on facebook, twitter, tumblr, google+ etc. The video English lessons on my youtube channel are all embeddable.
  3. Consider buying something from the store. We hope it’ll help us offset the costs of running the site.
  4. Help us write a movie trailer transcript – or rather get your students to help us. See more here.
  5. Tell your friends and students. There are more than a hundred movie trailers with clickable transcripts available now – a terrific resource for learners. Plus we have 36 video English lessons, and lots more in the works. We think Simple English Videos is a great place to see real language in context and practice English and probably the very best thing you can do to help us is spread the word.

Finally – a big thank you to all the  Simple English Videos website users. Hope to see y’all back again this year.


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