Jul 292013

A class activity – write a transcript for either or both of these forthcoming movies.

Jay and I write the transcripts for the movie trailers at Simple English Videos and I think generally we do a pretty good job between us. I’m aware that we sometimes make mistakes, but it’s handy that I’m British and he’s American. There are phrases I struggle with in American movies that he gets and vice versa.

A few weeks back we had a very kind offer from Tomasz,  a teacher in Poland. He was teaching an advanced pronunciation course and wondered if we’d like him to ask his students to transcribe some trailers for us. ‘Oh, yes please’, we said and I sent over a list.  What I should have done is explained that we have to turn the videos over pretty quickly and given a deadline, so in the event I had to publish the movies before the transcripts arrived. Duh! But looking at the transcripts gave me an idea.  Tamasz’ students’ versions sometimes differed from ours in tiny ways – and sometimes I think they (not us!) got it right.

So it gave me an idea. I’ve just posted two movie trailer videos with NO transcript on the website and invited students to provide one. The deadline is midnight on Friday 16th August and we will be publishing the videos with the clickable transcripts we make (after reading any other versions) on August 19th and 20th.  We’ve no idea whether any classes might want to try it, but it seems like such a good listening task to me – either for classwork or homework. Plus hopefully we will all wind up with a better transcript!

A big thank you to Tomasz, Borys, and Sara for inspiring this idea and supporting the Simple English Videos site! It’s much appreciated.

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  2. I’ve just posted some more movie trailers requesting help with the transcripts. I love to meet the folks who kindly do this one day – I find their enthusiasm and skills so inspiring.

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