Apr 052011

If dogs could only talk…

For more on Chaser – see John Pilley’s channel on Youtube

For a post about parrots and language acquistion: see here

If you can’t access Youtube to watch the video, you can watch it on Vimeo here

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  4 Responses to “Chaser and language acquisition”

  1. […] stop thinking about dogs today. I find Chaser’s ability to understand superordinate nouns impressive. The thing is word meanings often have fuzzy rather than fixed boundaries. Take the word ‘cup’ […]

  2. […] is that we have a new addition to our family. His name is Carter and he is the mut in picture 3. His vocabulary is tiny compared to Chaser’s but he attracts a surprising number of  ’What a wonderful dog!’ comments on walks when […]

  3. Very interesting video, Vick–my dog, Alpo, is a bilingual dog–people tell me he only understands me because of my tone of voice, but when he first moved in with me and I would give him commands in English, like ‘sit’ he really didn’t understand, but would sit immediately if I said the same word in Finnish, ‘istuu’. Now that we have been in the states for almost two years, he understands English just as well, but still seems more comfortable when I speak to him in Finnish. It is kinda like the mother who uses a child’s middle name–he knows he ‘has’ to obey when he hears Finnish… really funny, actually.

  4. Oh this is interesting Holly. A friend has recently taken in a rescue dog that used to live with a Polish family. He was transfixed the other day when he heard Polish people talking at a bus stop.

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