Jan 042011

It’s curious that we’re the only species who use language. A lot of research has been done with chimps of course, perhaps because they babble which is the precursor to speech with human kids. But it seems we might learn more about how language acquisition works from birds. So may I introduce you to Alex,  Griffin and Einstein, who can all attach meanings to the things we say. Definitely not bird brains, eh?

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  2. Sorry if you’ve been unable to post comments and thanks very much for alerting me, Chris. Hoping for third time lucky and this new theme does the trick.

  3. It works.
    Now i feel stupid because all i was going to say is that my cat has learnt to say Melllooo when i come home.

  4. I don’t think we are the only creatures who use language, but I guess a lot depends on how you define ‘language’ and communication.

    One defintion of language is that it is what is used to pass on ‘complex’ information using sound, symbols or gestures… and all animals that live in communities and have to ‘cooperate’ with each other have developed ways of letting each other know what’s going on.

    Some scientists even argue that dolphins and whales have developed their own local dialects!

  5. Ha! I still liked it, Chris

  6. Good point, John. I should have been more specific about what language I meant. And thanks for the interesting whale link. I hope to have some more stuff up about another animal very soon.

  7. New year, new look.
    Me likey!


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