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I love teaching with video and find I avoid taking audio materials into class these days. Luckily blogs with creative video lesson ideas have been blossoming on the web, and so have sites that we can send our students to for out-of-class viewing. This is a very incomplete list because there are so many, but here are some of my favourites:

Videos for watching in class with lesson ideas:

  • Jamie Keddie’s Lessonstream – Jamie now has more than seventy lessons. Do check out his demonstrations of a technique he calls video-telling if you haven’t already.
  •  Kieran Donaghy Keiran’s a shorts fan, which ironically means he tends to focus on longer videos.  Again he has some great lesson ideas.
  • Designer Lesson Ideas is a group blog that includes non-video lessson too, but  many employ video creatively so I’m including it here.
  • In amongst other stuff  TheTeacherJames also has some nice video lesson ideas.

Videos for students to watch out of class:

  • As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m a big fan of English Central because of the  variety of videos on offer. Another site with a wide range of motivating videos is English Attack. Both these sites provide gapfill and dictation tasks. English yappr takes dictations to another level. It has an ingenious system where creating a transcript becomes a group task – very motivating, I’d imagine. It also has ‘clear voice’ button’ and British listeners may be tickled to discover that that means British voices can be replaced with ‘merican.
  • ESL videos has videos submitted by teachers who also provide comprehension questions. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the multiple choice Qs but thought it worth a mention because it has one of the largest collections of videos I’ve seen. You can submit videos there yourself if you like.
  • Real English has been a pioneer in vox pop recordings made in the street and usefully for lower levels, the videos are graded for difficulty.
  • We mustn’t forget he wonderful TED site which has stacks of fascinating presentations on a wide variety of subjects. (Remember to show your students how to use its clickable transcripts.)
  • And of course there’s also my new site, Simple English Videos , where students can watch the latest movie trailers supported by clickable transcripts, a learners dictionary and google translate. Click here to see and article I wrote about it on Teaching Village which has some homework tasks.

    I hope others running video sites (which I know isn’t easy) will forgive me for missing them out. Space and my memory have been the issues. Please pass along other links in the comments. Also, I’m aware that there are some terrific young learners video sites around and I’m hoping others more experienced in that field can fill us in on those.

    So which sites are your favourites? Please tell me!

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  2 Responses to “ELT video lesson sources”

  1. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks a lot for including Film English, I’m honoured. There are links to some great resources here. Thanksa lot for sharing them.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Vicki,

    Thank you very much for including Designer Lessons in such an impressive list. I love Lessonstream and Kieran’s Film English – it’s an honour to be included! I’m going to have to explore the other sites now.


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