Sep 112012

It’s ‘s one month birthday tomorrow. Yay!

So far the site has had around 2,738 hits from 106 countries. I’ve no idea how good or bad those stats are but I love the idea of people from 106 countries being able to access the site. We’ve been adding new movie trailers steadily so there are now 60 available with clickable transcripts. (I think movie trailers are great vehicles for teaching – here are some generic lesson ideas to go with movie trailers. And for some homework tasks see here.) Plus – as of today – there are 10 one minute video English lessons. (More on that in a minute!)

We’ve learnt a lot this month. Dark colours might be cool in Europe, but Japan likes bright and cheerful. (Thank you Mrs B!) We now plan to build a separate section of the site for young learners. Also importantly I learnt that you may think you’ve switched off Google Adsense adult ads, but you need to double check. Eeek! Thank you for putting me right about that Charles! If anyone has any feedback, suggestions or thoughts about the website, please pass them along! What do your students think of it? We’re grateful for all suggestions.

So anyway, we thought we’d celebrate our one month birthday with some one minute English lessons.  You can watch them with clickable transcripts here and I’ve also added them to my youtube channel. They’re low budget movies made by us, mostly in our living room. Ha! I feel uncomfortable seeing myself on camera, (understand how my camera-shy students feel) but I love the extra possibilities video provides for being able to site language in context. So overall they were fun to make and if they seem popular we’ll make more.

But here’s the puzzle – if we make more, what should they be about? We’ve targetted some easily confused words and expressions in this batch, but they could be about anything really. Time is the only constraint.

So imagine you have the full attention of your class – but for only one minute. What would you be able to teach? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi Vicki,

    I’ve already commented on youtube how great this is, but I thought I’d make a suggestion of a possible topic. I actually came back to the website to see if you had a video on ‘too’ and ‘enough’ – that would make a great short video (Jay you watch too much TV, well Vicki, you don’t do enough ironing? :))

    In the school where we work we make a newsletter called Tip of The Week which is based on trying to draw learners’ attention to things which are really confusing, we give them a nice, brief explanation of the differences, and we have an intereactive exercise on line so they can test themselves.

    Once again, well done for these videos, I love them!


  2. Thanks so much for this Gabrielle – a topic and some dialogue! I just read it to Jay and he pointed out both statements are true. 🙂

    I’m working on a big batch of new scripts that we’ll start shooting this weekend. ‘Too’ and ‘enough’ wasn’t on the list, but I’ll add it.

    If anyone else has suggestions for topics, please pass them along!

  3. My students also have problems with since and for (present perfect especially) Vicki, you have lived here since …. and still can’t … But Jay, I’ve … for … years – maybe it’s just that the way you do this in the US is …

    Another one is late and long – I really love to sleep late but never get to sleep for a long time because …

    And then of course tenses – present perfect eludes a lot of them as do the progressive tenses.

    Just some ideas –

    Can’t wait to see the new ones.

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  5. Thanks so much, Margie – we love getting ideas from teachers and students.

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