Oct 222014

There’s some stuff that comes up all the time in class. For example, how many times have you found yourself having to teach the key rules we follow when we use ‘make and do’? I bet it’s a lot. And then there’s other stuff that comes up less frequently. And when you try to pull a good explanation from your memory, you think, ‘Dammit, what are all those examples that illustrate it clearly?’.

‘During’ is one that’s sometimes caught me out. It really helps if you can give lots of examples of nouns/noun phrases that we use with ‘during’, but can you think of them off the top of your head? And will your students be able to remember them if you do?

This is a short video, only a little over 2 minutes. But we’ve packed it full of what we think are good collocations with ‘during’ and ‘for’ and we’ve tried to make them fun and memorable.

As always, it’s available over at ‘Simple English Videos Dot Com’ with a clickable transcript. Enjoy!

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  1. The principles, or the rules, or the principal rules, please. (Normally I wouldn’t fuss, but this site is presumably read by English language learners.)

  2. Now fixed, John. Thank you so much for this. I’m ALWAYS grateful for editting help, so please feel free to point stuff out whenever you spot it.

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