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We’re warming up to the 36th ELT Blog Carnival and today’s post is a guest post from Maureen O’Keefe from Argentina. She shares her best video class, complete with bells and a hidden twist – Thank you  for sharing, Maureen!

My best class


OkeefeschoolFirst I got ready. I listened to one episode of a sitcom. (This could work with any video, but my students loved the Nanny sitcom)

Then I chose and extracted one phrase from every ten or fifteen sentences spoken. I wrote it down on a sheet of paper, so I had some 20 or so in all.

Then I made as many copies as teams I had in the room. (I had no more than 3 people per team.) I cut each phrase out and put them in separate envelopes labeled with the name of the sitcom, the part of the episode, and the level of students I’d planned for (which influenced the sentences I chose).

Then the fun started

I brought hand bells into the class and put them on the desks. Before the students watched the video I explained the meaning of some of the expressions and told them what I wanted them to do.

“Every time you hear one of the expressions ring the bell. The first person to ring the bell gets to keep the flashcard with the expression on it.”

 handbellIf nobody heard an expression I played the video again until they got it. Eventually we finished them all – some 15 minutes later.

After that each team counted up their winning flashcards, and put them into a deck on the desk.

But here’s the twist:

In order for them to WIN THEM AND KEEP THEM, now they had to tell me what was going on in the sitcom when the expression was used, who it was used by and how it fit!

Well that looks sure to add a ting-a-ling to any class. And so sound too to have them recall the context in which the language was used. Wonderful! Thank you Maureen!

Folks, at the start of November, 2013 the 36th ELT Carnival will be publshed right here and the topic is ELT video. YAY!

Find out more and join our ELT community in this grand event.


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  2 Responses to “My Best Class – by Maureen O’Keefe”

  1. This looks like a noisy kind of fun class. It would surely wake everyone up. I like The Nanny, other shows I could think of are How I Met Your Mother or Three Men and a Half. This is one way to familiarize students on how to listen for American expressions. It could be used to teach idioms or phrasal verbs.

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