Sep 142013

Here’s a video we’ve recently made about gerund and infinitive forms after the verb ‘stop’. Someone recently pointed me at a site called where you can hire all kinds of folks to do all kinds of jobs for ‘a fiver’. So we hired a knife juggler and a dancer for this video. Ha! We had a lot of fun making it. Enjoy!

And now, please STOP READING this and STOP TO vote for our ‘Learning to speak ‘merican blog. As many of you will know, I’m very interested in pragmatics and sociolinguistics. For years I have been writing another blog called “Learning to Speak ‘merican” that explores some of the curious differences in discourse style and linguistic politeness between the British and ‘merican varieties. To my surprise and delight it’s up for an award. Please check the competition out. We’re up against the best of the best so I feel very honoured to be included. Click  to explore all the blogs and then vote for us! Vote for us in the best blog competition!

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