Business Objectives (British English)


Students book


Audio CD

The language in Business Objectives can be further practiced in Meeting Objectives: DVD [VHS]
– a video course.

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  1. I am a teacher. I have course book of Buniness Opportunities (Student, Teacher and Workbook) – Oxford University Press, but missing audio CD which is very important part of the teaching.

    Please adsie if you can supply ne

  2. Hi Sarankorn. I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to help you – or not right away, at least. I have recently learned that Oxford University Press (OUP) never published digital versions of the audio materials – only the old style cassette tapes. However, the good news is that I have recently applied for my rights back in this work and I have asked OUP whether I can license the audio recordings. Hopefully they will say yes, in which case I’ll be able to supply them as digital downloads.

  3. Hi Vicki, I believe I am in the same boat (and the same country) as Sarankorn. (Sarankorn is a Thai name.) I have copies of the Business Objectives: Teacher’s Book, Workbooks and Student Books. I do not have a copy of the class audio CD. The book is at a pre-intermediate level. This book would be very useful if I could find a copy of the CD. Please let me know if you obtain the rights to audio recordings from Oxford University Press. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Bob,
    Can I just check – is it Business Objectives you’re looking for rather than Business Opportunities? There were several editions of that book. Is the one you’re looking at purple (rather than green) and does it have ‘new edition’ written on the cover?

  5. Hi

    Business Objectives 1991 Cassette

    I have this – I will digitise it this weekend. But whether I can upload it is up to the author…



  6. Oh that’s very kind of you John, but actually it isn’t up to me. OUP still own the rights for that book so I need their permission. I saw my editor there last week and asked him about the Business Opportunities files, and he’s promised to look into that, so I will write to him now and ask if we can add the audio for the 1991 edition to the list as well.

  7. Dear Vikki,
    I have just started with your Business Objectives book.There is CD attached to the book, but I really miss the class audio CD. Is there somewhere on internet free download version of it please? The students bought book, but the Unit 2 without listening is totally useless. Could you please help me somehow?
    Kind regards

  8. Hi Lucia,
    I’m confused. Isn’t the audio file in the book the correct one? My memory is a bit hazy, but aren’t all the class recordings on that?

  9. Hi Vicki, I,m looking for that audio casste too, I’m from Argentina, if is there any way you could upload it I will be so thankfulling, greetings!

  10. Hi Jair,
    Can you copntact you OUP office? They may be able to help you.

  11. Hello,
    I’m teaching using the Business Objectives New Edition Book. Unfortunately I wasn’t given the audio cassette and the book seems to be completely useless without the audio.
    Isn’t there any way that I could download the audio files or could they be uploaded somewhere?

  12. Hi Rose, I’m really sorry to hear this. Yes, you really need the audio. I’m afraid OUP do not offer the audio online. I will pass your message along to them, but no, I’m afraid the audio is not available for download.

  13. Hello Vicki ,same here ,im from Brazil i got the books from business opportunities ,im using it without the audio ,but it would be so helpfull if u helps with a copy ….thanks anyway great material for business english !!!!

  14. I’ll write to you Alexander.

  15. Hello I am an English teacher in France and I have always used your Business opportunities student book.Having looked everywhere on the internet (in vain) I would like to know where I could get a copy of the cassettes please.It is an extremely big help in the use of this book.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  16. Hello Vicki,
    I have your book from 1991. Is it possible to get the audio for it?

  17. Same here – I bought the book but it is useless without the audio download.

  18. Hello Vicki ,same here from Greece.
    i got both books (objectoves and opportunities) to practice my english
    I am using them without the audio, it’s a pitty such a perfect learning material…

  19. I wish I could help but I’m afraid I don’t have a digital copy of it to share Jan.

  20. I wish I could help but I’m afraid I don’t have a digital copy of it to share John.

  21. I wish I could help but I’m afraid I don’t have a digital copy of Business Objectives to share Lefteri. I might be able to help with Business Opportunities though. I’ll write to you.

  22. Dear Vicki,
    many thanks for the Bus.Opportunities audio!
    Really nice to have, at last, the full practice material. Do you think I could also find (as pdf file ) the Teacher’s book (with the answers to all exercises) as well as the Workbook? My student’s book is the 1994 publication (3rd impression 1995)
    Thanks again

  23. I’m afraid I don’t have that. The book was published in the days before digital publishing.

  24. I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.

  25. Hi Vicki, I have copies of the Business Objectives: International Edition. I do not have a copy of the class audio CD. The book is at a pre-intermediate level B1. This book would be very useful if I could get a copy of the CD class. Please let me know how I can get it. Cheers!

  26. Hi Julia. This book is still in print so I am not sure why you are unable to purchase the audio CD. Please contact OUP and ask them if why if you are having problems and if your problems persist, please let me know.
    Many thanks for writing,

  27. Buenos días Vicki,
    Estoy intentando por todos los medios conseguir la versión digital de Business Objectives,

    Hay alguna manera de poder conseguirlo?.

    He intentado contactar con BBC pero sin mucho éxito.

    Estaría muy agradecido si me pudieses indicar la manera de poder conseguirlos.

    Muchas gracias.

  28. I’m sorry Juan. As far as I know there is no digital version of Business Objectives. The people to contact to rest that would be at OUP.

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