Apr 052016

Students often muddle up the words ‘Travel’, ‘Trip’ and ‘Journey’ – well, it’s not surprising! Many languages have one word to cover the concepts, so why do we have to have three in English?

Here’s a video about how we use these words that includes the key meaning distinctions and grammar differences, along with lots of examples.

But you don’t have to stop there! Why not finish with a song that everyone can sing along to? Here’s a video that explains a couple of words students will find handy when they listen.  (It also comes with a homage to Eric and Ernie – two of my favourite British comedians).

And here is the song, which is sung by the wonderful Doris Day. (Not Jay)

Make sure you leave time at the end of your lesson, so your students can tell you about a sentimental journey they’d like to take?  Is there a time or place they’d like to revisit? Why? I’d love to know what they say.

Our ‘Travel Trip and Journey’ video is available with a clickable transcript on our website here.

And you can also find it on our YouTube channel here.

The Doris Day song is available only on YouTube. Luckily Google have cleared the rights so we can all use it legally on YouTube, so I’ve put the introduction video on YouTube too so it can work as a playlist. Follow this link to see both videos and they should follow on from one another. First the introduction and then the video.


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