Apr 122016

Last year I was lucky enough to have a short one-on-one consultation with someone from YouTube about my channel. “Oh it’s an ESL channel”, he said. “You do realise that’s very niche”. English teaching dominates my world, but of course in the much wider world of YouTube, he was absolutely right. The big topics are things like gaming, music, fashion and lifestyle and English teaching is very niche.

I think it has enormous potential for growth though. There are so many people needing English around the world who don’t have access to a teacher, and video is such a great medium for learning a language because you can see it being used in context.

Next week I’m having another consultation with YouTube and a whole load more because Simple English Videos has just won one of YouTube’s 2016 NextUp Creator Awards. YAY! I’ll get a weeks training in production techniques at the studios in NYC, the opportunity to collaborate and capture footage with other winners and $2500 in vouchers for production equipment. (Pinch me – is it really happening?) And that is why happiness is the topic of our latest video.

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  1. Well-deserved, Vicki! I have been watching (and recommending to my students) your videos for a few years. I completely agree with you; the YouTube consultant must have been better informed about video production than about the number of people who study English as a second/foreign language or use it as a lingua franca. There seems to be ever-growing demand for English instruction, and the videos you produce are a valuable contribution to the field.
    Oh, and I must add that it has been a pleasure to watch Jay’s on-screen persona gradually take shape.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words @Arpad. Much appreciated. Jay was tickled pink when I passed on your comments about him. And now I shall get back to writing the scripts I need – it’s all happening so fast!

  3. Ooh! I want to learn how to do all that. Is it highly technical? Do you have an instructional video anywhere about creating videos for TEFL? Just chanced upon your blog and love it! Now have to discover your YouTube channel? Wondering whether you have anything connecting up with Tech Talk which I’ve used for years.

  4. Hi Philip. I think video does get pretty technical as you learn more and get fussier about the videos you’re making. The course I’ll be on next week has stuff that I expect to be pretty technical like recording field audio and production and green screen lighting. But it also has some more artsy stuff like production design and script writing.

    I’ve given several talks and webinars about making ELT videos for YouTube. Are you a member of IATEFL because you may find there’s a recording of one I gave with Christina Rebuffet Broadus in its recent archives. The technical stuff I’ve mostly picked up from working with my husband who has a background in film and TV and we’ve both learnt a lot from watching ‘how to’ videos on YouTube. I will also be giving a four week online course for itdi later this year on making ELT videos and I will announce it here when we fix the date,

  5. Brava on winning the youtube award, Vicki! I love your videos and have shared them with teachers who are teaching the young American counterparts of your adult viewers. I recommend them to teachers for their students’ parents, and also show them because you model many of the best practices in teaching English Learners: slower speech, expressive face, and creating a context for learning, to name a few. While we offer English Language Learner Strategies Training for teachers, I haven’t found many great resources suitable for parents. I can’t wait to see how your production changes after having received this training!

  6. Thank you so much for all the kind words, Anne. I had an amazing time and I’ve come back full of ideas, so yes, watch this space.

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