May 312011

I’d like to say a belated but very big thank you to all the kind folks who made me so welcome on my travels and to OUP for supporting me. There are way too many people to mention here but my special thanks go to KFUPM, where I was honoured to be the first official female guest, the warm welcome and inspiration from technical English enthusiasts at SPSP, our kind hosts at the KSAALT conference, the terrific professionals at Prince Sultan University and also to the British Council in Riyadh for their help, support and insights.

Also a huge thank you to English UK for a really interesting day on Business English in London which you can read about here. I learnt stacks of interesting stuff at Rachel Day’s presentation on business grammar from corpora and also loved the session by Richard Gallen. Rather than Wordsmith (which is also very good, incidentally) very impressively, he has been creating really interesting specialized ESP corpora with free concordance software called Antconc .

In my absence the blogosphere has been busy and there are some great new bloggers that business and ESP teachers will want to check out if they haven’t already. (Thanks Evan for tipping me off.)


Talking business internationally

The BEonomics blog

Oh and I have just discovered that Alan Firth has a blog too! It’s here.

Something I didn’t plan to do when I set off, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, was videoing C-walking. (It’s similar to break dancing but the C stands for clown) Come back soon to see the results. Until then here are the Birj Khalifa fountains in Dubai – gosh, I loved them and now I wanna be a fountain choregrapher.

It’s great to be sleeping in my own bed again, but as I think some folks from this neck of the woods once said, ‘I’m missing you already.’

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  1. If you get to be a fountain choreographer could i be your assistant please?
    I have a little experience having choreographed one tap dance and one water squirting routine.

  2. Oh wonderful, then you’re definitely hired, Chris.

    That tap dance and water squirting routine – they sound like something I’d like to video.

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