May 312016

YTNextUpTeamChrisLots of terrific and exciting things have happened to me in my career that I’m so grateful for. I’ve met amazing people, made great friends, worked on projects I’m proud of, visited some glorious corners of the world, and seen some wonderful sights. I didn’t think I could top some of the things I’ve been privileged to do. But then I was a winner in this year’s YouTube NextUp competition. The experience has been right up there – gosh, I think it might have been a life changer!
So last month I walked into YouTube’s Space in NYC with the other winners and the energy was palpable. There was a chemistry in the air. I don’t know how the google selection algorithms worked but #team broccoli, as we named ourselves, formed an instant bond that fired on all cylinders. I think some of it was about the power of ‘Yes, and…’. If someone had an idea, it was going to be accepted and committed to and taken up and worked on and added to and…

So ‘No’ didn’t exist in my world for a week and I absolutely loved it. Thinking and hearing ‘yes’ for a week is … well…. just glorious.
I got trained – oh, so well trained in lots of tech stuff. Camera techniques, audio recording, set design, lighting, green screen editting…. Our instructors were AWESOME. (I say that as a Brit who doesn’t say awesome lightly.) It wasn’t stuff I could learn in a week. I still have such a long way to go to master things like After Effects and lighting and SEO, but I feel like I have been gifted with the tools I needed to get that learning journey on track.

I want to say a big thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s English. I’d received an announcement email about the competition that I’d ditched to my delete folder. Rachel forwarded me her copy and insisted I applied. If you’re ever in doubt,  put aside voices in your head that say you’re too old or not worthy or might flunk or you don’t have time. Put in the effort and go for it. YouTube – Thank you! #Team Broccoli – I love you all and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

And now I’d like to introduce you to a few of the great friends I made at YouTube NextUp. Here are some of the videos we made together that week. Some are vlogs and some are joint projects and there are many many more wonderful videos that I haven’t included yet and I’ll have to keep adding to this list, but it’s just a taster….

Oh and I can’t forget Stan, our wonderful stenographer!

Subscribe to them all – they’re going places! Here are links to their channels:
Beatbox Television –
Akeem Lawanson –
Kriscoart Productions
Retro Weld –
iIMAGINEblank –
Rikki Poynter –
Congahead –
Jackson Bird –
Origami Tree –
Simple English Videos –
Tim Bryan –
Tracy Campoli –
The Art Sherpa –
Greg’s Garage –
Jasmine Rose –
SkittLeZMusicTV –
Drum beats Online –
Jessica Flores

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